Roland M480 Console iPad App Is Here!

Roland Systems Group has released its new iPad app today that provides wireless remote control of any Roland M480 Digital Audio Console.  This app affords console operators tremendous flexibility in optimizing their main mix while walking the listening area, tweaking stage monitor mixes while on stage with stage performers, plus a host of other creative uses.  

The new app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store here free of charge.

The following are the configuration steps required to connect your iPad to the console:

Roland M-480 Wireless Connection

The purpose of this document is to outline the 2 methods of connecting your iPad to your Roland M-480 console for wireless remote control. The WNA-1100 wireless USB adapter can be used to setup a standalone ad hoc network, or connect your console into your existing wireless LAN.

In order to use the M-480 Remote app, your console must be updated to version 1.600 or higher. The update file and procedure can be downloaded here.

All wireless connect options can be found in the consoles SYSTEM menu by pressing the SYSTEM button, then F4 for the Remote options, then F6 for Wireless Control. Insure that the USB adapter is inserted into the USB port on the side of the M-480 and the Enable Wireless LAN button is selected. Then enter the SETUP menu to setup your connection.


Creating an Ad-Hoc Network:
This is the simplest way of controlling your console is to create an ad hoc wireless network. The limitations of the ad hoc network include not being able to communicate with the internet or other wireless devices as well as limitations in the range of the signal.
In the wireless LAN menu, press F3 to enter the Ad-Hoc menu.
Enabling Ad-Hoc Mode will allow your iPad to see the M-480 console as a Wi-Fi network. The 5 digit KEY is the password for that network.
Connecting to an existing Wi-Fi Network:
The easiest way to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network is to use the WPS function. To connect to a wireless access point via WPS, press the F-2 button in the Wireless LAN menu to enter the WPS connection window. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to connect to the network.
It is also possible to connect your M-480 to a selectable Wireless Access point. For Extended instructions, download the “M-480 Version 1.600 Added Functionality” Document here.
Controlling the console from your iPad:
Once you have connected your ipad to either the ad-hoc network or your existing Wi-Fi network open the M-480 Remote app on your iPad. Press the ONLINE button in the top right hand corner of the app to bring up the connection window. Your M-480 should be visible under the Select M-480 section. If your console does not appear, press the Refresh button. Once the M-480 is selected, toggle the Online button to ON to control your M-480 remotely.

4 thoughts on “Roland M480 Console iPad App Is Here!

  1. hi.
    Can I use my own WNA3100 netgear, WI-FI USB WL, or I  specially need an WNA 1100RL Roland product, to connect my Ipod with my roland 480 mixer?

  2. Yves,

    We have tested the Netgear branded WNA1100RL adaptor with success, however I can not vouch for the WNA3100RL from Netgear.  My hunch is that the WNA3100 model will not function correctly.

    Also for clarification, the wireless feature allows you to connect to the console with an iPad, but it does not support iPod connection at this time.


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